Casulty bug(minor/major nation cav)

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Casulty bug(minor/major nation cav)

Post by bresh »

As UK, I had
Swedish I+II Corps with 9 inf 2 cav each
And 3. UK-corps with 14 inf and 0cav (since they cant have)

I lost a fight with this formation vs Davout. And game kept asking me to take a CAV as loose, but didnt allow minor nation Cav, so i was stuck in the combat screen.

It happend in another fight to, but there i had the UK Cav-corps so was able to take a casulty in my major-power unit.


Ehm, seems It works when i push down inf/cav bottoms in left-down corner. Though was no prob with taking casulty from my major power just with pointing at it with the mouse.(note it was a cav-corps)
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