Can we upgrade?

John Tiller's Battleground Series is a Hall of Fame lineup of games covering the Civil War and Napoleonic Wars. We've compiled these classic games into two new affordable collections, incorporating updated versions of these legendary titles. Incredible historical gameplay and great value!
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Can we upgrade?

Post by Caliban »

The American Civil War Game Club has downloads for the following patches/upgrades.

Battleground: Antietam vs. 2.02
Battleground: Bull Run vs. 2.02
Battleground: Gettysburg vs. 2.07
Battleground: Shiloh vs. 2.04

Can we upgrade to these versions without doing the Matrix versions any harm?


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Erik Rutins
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RE: Can we upgrade?

Post by Erik Rutins »

The Matrix version should be more recent than anything on the web.
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RE: Can we upgrade?

Post by Garnier »

I have the original talonsoft version of NIR (been playing it since 1999 and still am!).

Anyway, is the matrixgames version any different, or rather -- are the two compatible for a PBEM game? 

And I suppose if the matrix version is improved, the improvements aren't available for people who purchased the talonsoft version?
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