Stupid Studies

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Stupid Studies

Post by Zap »

Sometimes, I just shake my head in bisbelief at the money spent on research studies. This one particularly, makes me wonder! what a waste of time and money on reasearch[:D]

- Certain initials may look better than others as monograms but they can also have an impact on how well a person performs in a sport or at school, according to a new study.

Researchers who studied the impact of initials found that baseballs players whose first or last name starts with the letter K, which signifies a strikeout, tended to strike out more often than other players.

And students whose names start with the letters C or D, which denote mediocre marks in some grading systems, did not perform as well as other pupils with different initials.

"Just having the right initial doesn't spontaneously make you a better baseball player, but it can spontaneously make you a slightly worse baseball player," said Leif Nelson, of the University of California, San Diego.

Nelson and Joseph Simmons, of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, studied the effect of first or last-name initials in situations where letters corresponded to an undesirable outcome.

They found that people whose initial matched a negative label performed more poorly than others. The findings suggest that the unconscious mind finds one's own initials appealing even when it compromises success, according to the study that will be published in the journal Psychological Science.

The researchers examined the effect in baseball, in academia and in a lab setting where a reward-based test was performed.

"These are domains where people really, really focus on top performance and still this unconscious desire to match their initial seems to be undermining their performance," Nelson explained in an interview.

In baseball, players aim to avoid striking out. But after looking at 93 years of Major League baseball data and poring over more than 6,000 player names, the authors found that those whose names began with a K struck out more than others.

The effect was the same in a study of the grade point averages of 15,000 graduate students over a 15-year period.

"Cs and Ds do reliably worse than everyone else," said Nelson.

"All the students are working very hard to succeed as much as possible, it just happens to be that if you find failure less aversive than someone else, you'll fail slightly more often," he added.

The researchers said their findings are in line with the name-letter effect, in which a person's favorite letter is often one of their initials. The favored initial may influence life outcomes, such the city a person lives in or the choice of occupation.

Nelson said the study demonstrates the power of the unconscious mind in controlling behavior in certain situations.
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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by cdbeck »

I read about that in Newsweek. Kinda bizarre... I wonder if there is a bit more to it that researchers have missed. My name begins with a C... and I had a 4.0 in High School and a 3.98 in University... so I can't imagine it has as "strong" a subconscious effort as they said.

I do like Cheese, Cats, and Computer Games, so who knows. [;)]

"Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet!"
(Kill them all. God will know his own.)

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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by RedArgo »

The strikeouts can be explained by one guy:

Dave Kingman

1,816 career strikeouts. Maybe he throws off the study alone. [:)]

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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by Veldor »

That study was so stupid I couldn't even read past the second line.

A recent survey conducted by McDonalds showed that 99% of people surveyed prefered eating at McDonalds that day. This survey, conducted at a local McDonalds while people were waiting to order confirmed the widely held belief that McDonalds is superior to all others. It's not clear what other fast food restaurants will do when made aware of this study, but at least one old man in line actually believed he was at another restaurant so there may still be hope.

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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by donkuchi19 »

I guess I'm screwed. First initial is D so I am dumb and last initial is K which means I can't hit.

Too bad I currently have a 4.0 in my graduate studies and am a fairly good hitter in baseball. I did have one really bad season where I struck out a lot, but I got glasses the next year and hit .518. (Hard to hit it when you can't see it [:)])
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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by 105mm Howitzer »

Hey, my name begins with a "M", so where does that leave me? Moron or Multi-talented ? Marvelous or Mediocre? Nah, don't bother to reply, I know where I fit in, thanks.[8D]
"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" - Publius Renatus, 390 A.D.
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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by Zap »


You, see, its stupidity partly based on that good Ol' common sense that comes from peole like us who come from Chicago[;)]

I believe that McDonalds study was done in the Chicago area. Since, McDonalds originated in the Chicago area the participants may have been a little biased.[:D]
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RE: Stupid Studies

Post by morvwilson »

I am reminded of an old quote.
"If the opposite of pro is con, what is the opposite of progress?
It was said as a joke, but as with all good humor there is a kernal of truth to it![:D]

Courage is not measured by the presence of fear, but by what a person does when they are scared!
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