VDM Sound Utility for DOS to XP

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VDM Sound Utility for DOS to XP

Post by ravinhood »

I don't know how many of you know this or use this, but, I find this little utility VDM Sound Helps not only to run the sound on XP for many old dos games, but, also runs the dos game setups and you don't have to use DOSBOX as often using this.

It's pretty simple to use once you install it. Just right click on the executable of the DOS program you want to run and then select RUN with VDMS and then VDMS loads the proper memory configurations and sets the sound and everything. It's how I got games like Master of Magic to work and Master of Orion even Age of Rifles and several other DOS games that can be stinkers to get to work on XP.

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RE: VDM Sound Utility for DOS to XP

Post by chief »

Ravinwood ......Thank you for the info, I have anold DOS game I want to try again...tanks Chief
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