Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

John Tiller's Battleground Series is a Hall of Fame lineup of games covering the Civil War and Napoleonic Wars. We've compiled these classic games into two new affordable collections, incorporating updated versions of these legendary titles. Incredible historical gameplay and great value!
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Erik Rutins
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Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

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Two compilations of classic John Tiller games now available, and with a special deal too!

Staten Island, NY, November 9th, 2007 – Matrix Games ( is thrilled to announce that two new compilations of John Tiller’s famous turn-based strategy games, Battleground Civil War and Battleground Napoleonic Wars, are now available for purchase! Matrix Games is also offering a special deal of $10 off the combined price of both titles for gamers who buy both Battleground Civil War and Battleground Napoleonic Wars in the same order!

Battleground Civil War includes all of John Tiller’s famous original Civil War titles in one fantastic compilation: Battleground Antietam, Battleground Bull Run, Battleground Chickamauga, Battleground Gettysburg, and Battleground Shiloh. Battleground Napoleonic Wars includes a similar arsenal of John Tiller’s talent with the complete set of his classic Napoleonic titles: Napoleon in Russia, Prelude to Waterloo, Waterloo, and an added bonus of Age of Sail: Naval Combat in the Napoleonic Age!

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Anyone who remembers playing these classic titles back when they were first released will no doubt be excited to see them available again in an affordably priced and convenient compilation. With one quick order, gamers can have these collections of historical gaming goodness delivered right to their hard drive!”

Relive the splendor and excitement of John Tiller’s classic Civil War and Napoleonic games in these new compilations, which have been updated by John Tiller himself to work on all Windows operating systems from Windows 98 all the way up to and including Windows Vista. These comprehensive collections offer long-lasting play with many variant historical and what-if scenarios as well as smaller related battles.

Take command of the mighty armies of these eras; enjoy the time-tested interface and turn-based game mechanics that made John Tiller’s original game designs famous. With the choice of 2D or 3D battlefield views, dozens of scenarios and more historical information then can be found in most public libraries, John Tiller’s Battleground compilations reintroduce gamers to some of the best 18th and 19th century wargames ever made!
Erik Rutins
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RE: Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

Post by LarryP »

Nevermind, I found my answer elsewhere.
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RE: Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

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Splendid this is wonderful news! Thank you Matrix!
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RE: Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

Post by Luciano B »

What a great day!
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RE: Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

Post by thom »

The older Talonsoft series had numerous third party Mods, scenarios running around and I assume some of that exists with Matix's version? Does Matrix plan on officially expanding the Battleground series (Civil War and Napoleonic) along with the WWII Campaign series? I actually preferred the BG version of WWII as it was similar in play to the Civil War/Napoleonic versions. Either way I'm glad these are back out and supported.
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RE: Matrix Games Releases John Tiller’s Battlegrounds!

Post by Grell »

Well said, I too am glad they are out.


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