How to get a DxDiag File

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How to get a DxDiag File

Post by Erik Rutins »

How to get a DirectX Diagnostic file:

1. click on "START"
2. click "run"
3. type in "dxdiag" and click "OK"
4. check through the tabs and perform all tests
5. click "Save all Information..." and save the text file to a location of your choice

We prefer that DxDiag files be posted as message attachments rather than pasted into the body of the post.
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Can you make game turns in ATG editor?

Post by skyberry »

Is there a way of creating game turns with a limit. This would make for entirely different scenarios.
Or has any one got any news for future updates on this.
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RE: Can you make game turns in ATG editor?

Post by ernieschwitz »

Not entirely sure why you´ve posten in this thread...

But to answer your question. A turn always ends due to either an action of the player (that is you could make a move timer, that clicked in, i think with alot of coding and testing, and after say 100 moves the turn ended automatically. Nobody has done this yet.), or their own voluntary ending of it.
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