Fine Game - Impressions and Thanks

Adanac's Strategic level World War I grand campaign game designed by Frank Hunter

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Fine Game - Impressions and Thanks

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Lots of Interesting Decisions:
[*] economy: spending, producing, refitting, entrenching, shipping, research, ...
[*] military: deployment, limited transport and operational capabilities, multiple theaters, ...

Good Game Design:
[*] feels right, credible representation of conflict and time
[*] several historical options possible (research, deployment, diplomacy, ...)
[*] interesting and fun implemented

I like the UI in the following departments:
[*] visual representation of the units and relevant data (strength, combat readiness)
[*] auto ordering of the stacks (i.e. HQ at the top)
[*] info for all units of a stack readily available in a status box
[*] color coded info on possible movement options (HQ supported or individual movement)
[*] cancel last move implemented

Points that could eventually be further improved:
[*] better mouse scroll (perhaps full screen mode, or selectable mouse lock to the window)
[*] naval overview should be available at decision making dialog
[*] menu buttons for each nation would allow for faster access (in add. to the drop down menu)
(should be also available in the R&D, Nation, Naval, etc. Dialogs)

Tips for starters:
[*] the hint in the naval dialog about where shipping transportation should go is important
[*] without shipping your economy will be crippled
[*] cavalry is able to move into enemy controlled territory without HQ support
(look for the details in the manual)

Thanks Frank,
I am enjoying your game right now. Also liked Campaigns on the Danube. Your games achieve a plausible and challenging depiction of the historical conflicts.
Regards Ralph
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