For Liberty! Blitzkrieg Attack Sale Announced!

Hussar Games "For Liberty!" is a turn based game of the American Revolution and the Rakoczi Independence War. Command the armies of the newly born United States of America against Britain or the ill-equipped Hungarian rebels against mighty Austria. 1848 is a turn base game on the Hungarian rebellion against Austria in 1848-49.

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For Liberty! Blitzkrieg Attack Sale Announced!

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Heads up! Get 35% off of the regular price of For Liberty! for the next 72 hours!

Matrix Games and Hussar Games ( are excited to announce that For Liberty! is the next target for the famous Blitzkrieg Attack Sale! Now gamers can pick up a copy of this great turn-based American Revolutionary War title for 35% off of the regular price for the next 72 hours.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said "The Blitzkrieg Attack Sale is fast and furious. We come in hard and hit gamers up with great titles at ultra low prices. The catch is you must act fast because, just like this famous tactic implies, delaying even a little can mean the moment of opportunity has already vanished!"

For Liberty! is a turn based strategy game covering the American Revolutionary War from 1775 - 1783 and the Hungarian Rakoczi Independence War - the eastern theater of the War of Spanish Succession from 1703 to 1711. Giving the player unprecedented options of command and control, players are able to take part in as much or as little of the fighting as they desire. A large variety of units can be ordered to attack, recon, retreat, train, rest, pillage, siege enemy forts, fortify important locations, and more.

Furthermore, players are also charged with logistical concerns like paying and supplying their troops and maintaining morale. Political decisions and foreign aid are simulated by an influence system that players can use to change the strategic situation. Ultimately, For Liberty! provides a great mix between realism, historical accuracy, and playability. This combination gives wargamers and history buffs just the right amount of everything necessary to make For Liberty! a great gaming experience.


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RE: For Liberty! Blitzkrieg Attack Sale Announced!

Post by roth »

OK, is there a promotion code I need to type in, or do I just order the game at the regular price and the 72-hour discount is added once I submit the order (or is it added earlier in the ordering process?)

I assume this applies to the Download+CD purchase -- Correct?

Also, does the CD version of this game come with a printed manual?

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RE: For Liberty! Blitzkrieg Attack Sale Announced!

Post by WallysWorld »

After hearing about this sale, I tried the demo and liked it and thus bought For Liberty yesterday. Looks like quite an easy game to learn and play.
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