Next in series and when?

A brand new campaign-based 3D tactical engine covering combat in World War II, from the developers at Koios Works. The first operation covered is the famous "Wintergewitter" or Winter Storm, a desperate attempt by Hoth's 57th Panzer Korps to break through to the encircled 6th Armee at Stalingrad and the Soviet counter-attack by 2nd Guards Army that drove them back.

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Next in series and when?

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I'm quite interested in buying the game. Looks very good. And I noticed in the opening paragraphs of the Tutorial that PCOW is "the first game in a new series..focusing on WWII.
I would be more interested if the series would be expanded.

Any info you can share at this point?
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RE: Next in series and when?

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See for more info on the next installment, Kharkov.

In terms of release date ...
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