Campaign Game

The Seven Years’ War was fought across the globe and called by some the first “World War” as virtually every major power participated. In the center of events was Prussia, almost constantly at war and lead by the now legendary Frederick the Great.

Relive the exciting and trying days of Frederick the Great in Horse and Musket: Volume I, the improved and expanded combination of the previous Prussian War Machine and Prussia’s Glory titles. Horse and Musket: Volume I is a reboot of the successful Horse and Musket series, including not only two solid historical titles in one package, but also many new game features, a powerful new editor, and a complete graphics overhaul to an already acclaimed gaming system.

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Campaign Game

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When you guys put out the campaigns for this title do you plan on taking into account some form of strategic consumption formula to be added in so that the longer you are on campaign the less strength the army will have?

And will you handle recovery from same as well?

How about losses from battles? How will they be recouped? Will you have a hospital factor?

I remember my miniatures group trying to put together a campaign and we used a book running a Napoleonic minis campaign. We started one up based in the Iberian Peninsula.

I liked the concept but we never got it off the ground. Too complicated for some of our guys I guess.
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RE: Campaign Game

Post by augustus »

do we know there will be a campaign mode?
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