Installation Bug

Frank Hunter's Campaigns on the Danube is an operational study of the campaigns along the Danube in 1805 and 1809. Campaigns on the Danube's system focuses on trying to present the player with the same sort of decisions placed on their historical counterparts; how to feed an army and move that army according to a plan, all the while trying to fight a campaign. There is also an option to allow players to play out the battles with miniatures and input the results.
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Installation Bug

Post by gazfun »

I have been wrestling for months to help my friend online to find out why he was unable to access the ADX,and AMX files required to play by email.
Well the other day I finally found out the problem by visiting him at home. When installing the game from scratch you have to allow the default installation directory as Matrix Games/Campaigns on the Danube 1805 & 1809 I cant see anything about instructions there but it was imperative for him that the games was installed as above instead of Games/Matrix Games/Campaigns on the Danube 1805 & 1809.
When it came to downloading the PBEM files it corrupted the file, so as to not allow him password access into the game .
In case you where still wondering about that Frank
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RE: Installation Bug

Post by DEB »

I don't think Frank is wondering about anything to do with COD these days. I e-mailed directly to him on 28th Jan 06 with some rules queries re Leader ratings referred to in the rules ( but not noted on the leader
"counter" details ), after waiting ( since 16th May 05 ) for a reply to my forum query. No reply to date from him (or any one at Matrix).[>:]

You should also note that it does not have a nominated moderator
( matrix viewer/helper ) per the main forum list. [X(]
It appears that if anyone has a problem with this game now it's down to it's current players/viewers of this forum to sort out/help.[:(]

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