Combat Mission Shock Force 2 - Invitational Grand Tournament announcement

Red Thunder brings you to the Eastern Front where the forces of the Third Reich definitively, and decisively, lost all hope of victory. Command the full array of Soviet forces or those of the German Heer as the battles rage across thousands of square miles of territory. Find out first hand why the Soviet juggernaut could not be stopped.
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Combat Mission Shock Force 2 - Invitational Grand Tournament announcement

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Dear partecipants,

we wanted to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who participated in the Grand Tournament series. Your enthusiasm, skill, and sportsmanship have made this event truly special, and we hope you enjoyed the streams, videos and articles we made for these tournaments

You know, for every competion there must be a winner, and here are the final results of the Grand Tournaments on Battle for Normandy, Cold War and Red Thunder.


Based on your remarkable performances in the Grand Tournaments, we are thrilled to announce the participants drafted for the Grand Invitational. These players have demonstrated exceptional skill and will be competing in the next level of our tournament series on Combat Mission Shock Force 2.
  • Cargol
  • Tyrandar
  • lawran
  • sohzaz
  • MeatEtr
  • Jackal2100
  • AtlasActual
  • Fizou
  • MHerm
  • Andrew Kulin
  • Dawntaker
  • Artkin
For the first time in the history of our Combat Mission tournaments, players will fight for a coupon prize pool. The amount of money will be given based on your final placement:
  • Top 1: $60 Coupon
  • Top 2: $50 Coupon
  • Top 3: $40 Coupon
  • Top 4-8: $20 Coupon (each position)
  • Top 9-12: $10 Coupon (each position)
The Invitational Grand Tournament will start on March the 5th at 10.00 GMT.

The tournament will feature 3 different scenarios with 40-days round length:
  • Round 1 : Wadi Armor Clash
  • Round 2 : Into the Valley
  • Round 3 : Ambush Alley
For this event we have prepared a series of contents for you:
  • Round 1 and round 3 will see Richard Yorke and XTRG fight each other in a 1 vs 1 on our Twitch channel to showcase the scenarios.
  • For round 2, UsuallyHapless will create one of his cool videos.
Last but not least, a big shootout to George McEwan (George MC), one of the greatest scenarios designers that created a lot of new content from scratch.

Once again, thank you for making the Grand Tournament series a tremendous success. We look forward to seeing the drafted players showcase their skills in the Grand Invitational.
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