Data to add the XXI Heavy Divisions to the Scenario Editor

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Data to add the XXI Heavy Divisions to the Scenario Editor

Post by sevenNA »

Done for version

This data will allow you to use the XXI Heavy Divisions which started adoption around 1989, not quite clear on this but the earliest declassified TOE I have seen was 89.

I tried my best to stay true to the Table of Equipment and the Field Manuals.

Due to linebackers not being in the game I choose to use the experimental Vulcan & Chapparral Anti-Air Battery's instead. These do come up in field manuals, tho they were never implemented at scale as the linebackers were just cheaper, and there was a serious production shortfall for chaparrals to be viable. Also, Air Defense Requirements were usually handled by Army Command, and Patriots were the chosen battery for this, so the longer-range local AAA was just unnecessary and Linebackers and Stingers were chosen.

Generally, these forces would be equipped with Bradleys, and HMMWV, sadly no MG HMMWV was in my version of the game as I created this. I might add these units with weapons, and do some more tweaks to line up just that tiny bit better with real TOE. Idk yet.

I had to use some discretion with what to include in the Headquarters and Headquarters Companies, I followed Field Manuals as best as I could to make those decisions.

I have no clue how these vastly larger HHC will impact game balance, with logistics consumption. I'm currently working on a Campaign with these Units, no clue if I will ever finish it, depends on how my hyperfixations swing.

I left some options open to allow for easier updating when new stuff is added, could have also been too lazy to define directly. I would recommend using the following equipment, as these are TOE from 1989 onwards, I would choose US360 for APCT, US158 for COMV, US244 for ENGR, US522 for INFMG, US821 for JEEP, US627 for OBSVT (until the Bradley FISTV is added), US619 for OBSVW, US368 for RECCEM, US701 for SPMTR, US728 or US726 for TANK, US819 for TRUCK.

I did the naming as best as possible to go automatic, it mostly works, sadly I couldn't figure out exactly how to make it work 100%.

I choose to Ignore the implementation of Air Forward Observers, technically the Division Helo Brigade should have some personal for integration into maneuver brigades, however there wouldn't be enough for all, and as such i didn't include them. The scouting capability of this division is already rather huge.

For my WIP Campaign I choose to make this division sized, just some info on adapting this to smaller sizes, each Maneuver Brigade (AKA Armor or Mechanized Brigades) should be supported by a Field Artillery Battalion, (18 Guns) each Field Artillery Battalion is also technically the owner of the FIST personell for that Brigade, I choose to place them under operational command, as FIST would be commanded by the Brigade they are hosted by.

Some interesting tid bits from Field Manuals i found while researching. You should have reserves, a reaction force is integral for success, you should not commit all of your forces unless absolutely needed. The Security Element should be used for security, the most forward place they should be is aiding in bridge laying and river crossing operations. HHC should not move frequently, or at all unless necessary. The coordination of Fire Support is Complicated, the amount of stuff I had to read to understand FIST, FOs, Liaison Officers, etc. is incredible. Remember to plan fire missions ahead, rolling barrages, smoke, etc., they aren't just a quick reaction to oh shit there are enemies. Eradication Fire of the Division is immense. The combined fire power of 54 guns and 18 MLRS is rather insane, Tho this should really only be used in Oh shit, or well-planned moments, as you forget the entire front when focusing on a single target.

All sources for the work contained have been declassified, and are in the public domain.

My work in the files is licensed CC BY 4.0, and is as such open for all uses, when crediting me. More info in the download. (The download does include work from On Target Simulations LLC, such work is marked accordingly. This work is included for ease of use by the community.)

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Re: Data to add the XXI Heavy Divisions to the Scenario Editor

Post by CapnDarwin »

Things like the Linebacker are out of the operational date range of the game 80-89. It did not enter service until 97 or so. Won't be in the data until we do a modern game version. Not that it stops folks from doing their own thing. Thanks for posting your work.
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