DW2 Cheat Sheet - A reference list of everything - Version 5 (20/6/2023)

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Re: DW2 Cheat Sheet - A reference list of everything - Version 3 (4/5/2023)

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Kahnite wrote: Sun May 21, 2023 9:53 pm WOW! Thank you VERY much. Saved be a lot of trouble. :)
You are welcome!

Be on the lookout for a new update soon.
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Re: DW2 Cheat Sheet - A reference list of everything - Version 4 (26/5/2023)

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UPDATE 4 - May 26

The work continues...

I have added:
  • List of all Hulls: with all their costs, bonuses they have, defensive capabilities, component bays (with sizes and rotation arcs), technologies required to unlock them, races they are specific to, hull size, max size and available space.
  • Hulls Overview: a more compact list, which gives each hull in a single row with its important information, and where hulls are grouped by race and role.
  • Added formatting to all tables for improved readability (this was done using Visual Basic coding through Excel - the code will be published at a later date, when finalized)
  • All entries are now color-coded.
  • Corrected a few errors and typos.

  • Update all data to Hyperdrive update
  • Create tools that will automate the update process from now on (which will be publicly available, in case of author death, dismemberment or, worst of all, dreadful laziness).
As usual, the updated files are posted under the original post.
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A diary in place of an update 1

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since my last update, and seeing as the Hyperspeed update has released some days ago, I thought I'd let you know on the status of the project.

Rest assured, I am still working to update the Cheat Sheet to the next game version (

As a reminder, the Cheat Sheet reflects game version However, most of the information it contains should be accurate, except to anything the devs have implemented in HyperSpeed (like reactor fuel usage or the new way shields use energy to recharge themselves).

However, updating the Cheat Sheet is taking a bit longer than expected. The reason is threefold:

a) Due to the nature of my work, the end of May is an extremely busy period every year, and I've had to put work on the Cheat Sheet to the back-burner. I've still found time to work on it, but it's been quite slow. Thankfully, this busy period has passed for now.

b) I've been creating a tool that will format each list for easier readability. You've already seen a part of the final product in the current Cheat Sheet version (v4), with all the nice borders and coloured rows. When the Hyperspeed update was released, I was still working to eliminate any kinks and add a bit more functionality to the tool.

c) I've decided to create another tool that will allow me to import the values from each XML file in Excel, and then have Excel check which values in the Cheat Sheet are correct. This should help me eliminate typos or anything I missed while I was constructing the Cheat Sheet. This will also allow me to update the Cheat Sheet quickly in the future, as well as keep up with the frequent beta updates that the game is receiving. Furthermore, this tool will be rolled in the Cheat Sheet to allow users to do their own updating (possibly with some modifications needed on the user's end, but I'll see about streamlining the process as much as I can).

I've already started working on coding this updating tool (on the VBA developer tool provided by Excel), but it's still in its early stages. I'm fairly certain I've completed the basic architecture, so now I have to adjust the code for each XML game file. I estimate this will take me at least another 2 weeks to finish and be ready to release version 5 of the Cheat Sheet. I'll possibly release an early 4.5 version bringing at least some of the information on the Cheat Sheet up to date with Hyperspeed, but I can't make any solid promises yet.

Thanks for all the support, downloads and thank yous :D. It gladdens me to see this project is useful to people!

Have a good one!
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DW2 Cheat Sheet update to v5!!!

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UPDATE 5 - June 20

The work is almost done... Sorry it took a while!!!

  • Components Overview: a more compact list, which gives each component in a single row with its important information.
  • Components Overviews by Type: each component group has received its own compact list, with ALL its information and attributes
  • Formatting has been improved for easier readability
  • All entries now contain a source (vanilla or DLC)
The google sheet will be updated at a later date
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