c'mon stop hiding now:)

Combined Arms: World War II is a turn-based battalion level simultaneous execution operational level game in development by Ludovic Coval and Erik Rutins.
It includes a complete scenario editor and is set at a 1km per hex / 8 hours per turn scale.
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c'mon stop hiding now:)

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Stop hiding and let us see how you're doing.:)
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Re: c'mon stop hiding now:)

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Since this game was announced I have:

Graduated HS
Graduated college
On my fourth job
Got married
Had a kid
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Re: c'mon stop hiding now:)

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I suppose it will be the end of an era soon when in the next pass of forum clean-up we finally retire this forum. It's unfortunate that this never got to full completion. I would love to see Ludo release it at some point, just so folks could see what it was - it was quite far along but still needed a lot of work too.
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Re: c'mon stop hiding now:)

Post by IronDuke_slith »

There is something very similiar on Steam early release entitled CAOS (Combined Arms Operation Series). WeGo, early stages but similiar concept to what I recall Ludo was doing from my time testing this title here. There is an Operation Husky scenario due out soon, very reasonably priced. Worth a look.
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