Cheating and lessons learned

Post descriptions of your brilliant successes or how you had your Titan shot out from under you.

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Cheating and lessons learned

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I used to play tos, back before warring suns. It was hard then, it's hard now, but I remembered building my jocks by fighting wuss random teams, so I figured why not try that again. I must have fought 3-4 battles before I realized I was setting my partners to rookie and the opponents to hero on accident. No wonder I was getting my ass kicked! Just thought I share this humerous bit of random stupidity. I had to laugh at myself.
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RE: Cheating and lessons learned

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Hi Timtek
(maybe you will read this after such a long time...).
Running with a slow (melee=ultra short range) titan in a mission with open plains unluckily with LR opponents with high skills is a picture for "suicide is painless". Even low skilled opponents shoot you down, but give you the hope to survive the first ten fields getting nearer :-)
It happened to me recently again when I played Ghstbear's Vulim campaign, but that's "life": always expect the unexpected ;-)
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