v1.2.1 patch available

Welcome to the new war raging across hundreds of light years at once, with mechanized Titans as the main fighting force.

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v1.2.1 patch available

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This patch v1.2.1 is for the retail CD versions (US & Europe) only !

The freeware download is already patched to v1.2.1 !

Download v1.2.1 patch here.

Titans of Steel: Warring Suns v1.2.1

In network games you have to use same versions for host and clients to connect !
(IP port number for v1.2.1 is 42121)

A. Fixes
1. Fixed free power calculation bug while waiting in move mode.
2. Fixed numerous problems with E.M.P. Hits will no longer affect broken
systems. If targets move is cancelled it will be displayed.
3. Fixed more problems with pending engine explosions not happening due to end
of battle.
4. No more salvage for titans which left the battlefield.
5. Fixed 'played by' 'human' instead of 'AI' bug in setup menu.

B. Additions/Changes
1. Added alt-1 to alt-0 for 'wait on time' 1 to 10 seconds.
2. Hits on arms on prone target while getting up won't trigger skill check if
linking torso is disabled.
3. Tweaked AI to better handle firing sequence with E.M.P., blackgray gun and
neutron blaster.
4. Small tweaks of heat and/or recycle for bigger racks.
5. Changed minimum number of missile hits for SRM8 and NM14 from (max/2) to
(max/2+1) and for LRM9/12 from (max/3) to (max/3+1)/(max/3+2).
6. Tweaked to hit modifier for firing prone or attacking prone titan.
CC weapons on prone are modified as punches.
7. Stand/crouch moves will provide 5% defensive modifier.
8. Rivers again will modify airdrop chance (+10%).
9. Modified chance for AI to hide or snipe from cover.
10. Meson guns and vibra claws can do additional internal damage on critical armor
slot hits. Light crits will do 1 point, all others 2 points. This damage will
not apply if no external armor is left or the bodypart would be destroyed.
11. IP port number changed to 42121.
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