Potential for a future game?

Welcome to the new war raging across hundreds of light years at once, with mechanized Titans as the main fighting force.

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Potential for a future game?

Post by wodin »

With an update to the graphics (even if it was just a case of having specific looking Titans which will show the correct weapon systems etc).Or a total redesign r where you can choose your body and size, arms, legs, and weapons in a kind of mech designer..then the mechs would look the same in game, also add a damage model. Unity would be a great engine for the game. With the kind of detail that is already in game and a few tweaks here and there I reckon it would be a winner..esp on the IPad (Though I want it on the PC).

There isn't a highly detailed turn based\wego Mech\Titan game out there. With the return of turn based games now is the time.

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RE: Potential for a future game?

Post by LarkinVB »

I hope someone will make such a game. Instant purchase for me !
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