No Allied Teams?

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No Allied Teams?

Post by LordSteel »

Well, I'm back - after a couple years away.

I don't know if anyone will read this, but I recently re-installed 1.21 (free download version) then installed the 1.22 patch from this site.

I created team 3, so I'd have a team 1 and team 3 fighting as allies. But when I go to start a solo battle, I can only select "Load Team from a File" for team 1. If I try to select any titans from team 3, it de-selects from team 1.

I could have sworn that I used to play Team 1 and 3 vs. a Team 2 and 4 AI opponents. Can anyone direct me on how to fix this?
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RE: No Allied Teams?

Post by LarkinVB »

Play hotseat game ? Solitary is only for 1 squad at team slot 1.
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