It's been awhile...q's

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It's been awhile...q's

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I have been playing this game from the beginning but must admit it's been a while. I have way more time in the old PW but am happy with the Matrix Edition and have spent quite a bit of time in it as well. Most of my time in either edition is as the US. I have taken HI in the past as Japan but have never finished a game as them. Time to change that. Current situation:

May 42.
-Japanese hold all but three bases in China (plus that US base for 4)
-Japanese forces laying siege to Calcutta. Only the base south of that and Ceylon remains in AI control.
-Singapore and Bataan hold but their days are numbered
-More than half of Australia under control of the forces of the Rising Sun. Perth in the SW and four bases in the SE remain unoccupied
-Espiritu Santo to Wake is the line to the East
-1 3xCV TF in Broome and another in Rabaul

-Taking China was always SOP in the past but my pile of 5 divisions won't attack turn after turn. Why?
-Carrier air groups. Precious Japanese carrier planes get destroyed during airfield attacks so I keep them on naval strike. Does that prevent the fighters from performing CAP?
-I have 6 free powerful divisions (3 or 4 more when Singapore falls). Which way? India, Australia or HI?
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