looking for a copy of Maximum Football 2.0

Maximum-Football 2.0 is the latest and greatest release from the acclaimed sports management video game studio, Wintervalley Software. Bringing a whole host of new features like full Xbox 360 controller support, full DirectX 9.0 utilization, and scores of other upgrades and improvements, Maximum-Football 2.0 delivers on gameplay and fun like a bullet pass through double coverage. Like its predecessor, Maximum-Football 2.0 allows players to experience the thrill of managing a team in any league!

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looking for a copy of Maximum Football 2.0

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sadly this tile is now discontinued in teh matrix store, but i am wondering and hoping if anyone at has a copy to sell or even the digital version - though i would be after the physical game if possible.

I have been scanning ebay for the past year to see if a copy will come up there but so far nothing

kind regards
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