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So, there's next to no documentation anywhere about how Armada 2526 economics works. Here's what I've figured out from playing the Tutorial scenario; hopefully others can add their own observations.

- You can set taxes to High one turn out of every five without a hit to popularity. More precisely, I speculate there's a dissatisfaction index that declines by 1 every turn until it hits zero, every turn of high taxes increases the index by 5, and you take a popularity hit whenever the index is at least 20.

There is no way I'm aware of to automatically raise taxes every fifth turn, so this mechanic encourages micromanagement, unfortunately. (The lost population growth is generally worth less than the immediate cash on planets over 1/3 capacity.)

- Speaking of 1/3 capacity, the population growth rate is proportional to the SQUARE of the empty space fraction on the planet; it follows that numerical growth is maximized when the planet is 1/3 full. Also, every pollution unit beyond the second decreases growth by 10% (and one heavy factory complex will generate the first two units...).

- Question: How unpopular can you permanently be without suffering real negative consequences? Want to figure out how many mines I should build early on, etc.
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RE: Economics

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in my experience, if you don´t have any building in a specific planet, is no matter how many turns that planet is under revolt or riotting, you have nothing to loose there. on the other hand, you may lost any building you already had build there before riotting.
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