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Windows 10

Post by wegman58 »

I was able to get the game to start after I installed Windows 10. Trying again I get a blank screen. Any ideas??
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RE: Windows 10

Post by zakblood »

just try some of my suggestions for other older games, as 9 out of 10 times, they will work on all older games


as long as you install as admin and install all the pre requisites needed and what come with the given game
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RE: Windows 10

Post by 10Kate01 »

Could I ask for some suggestions on what I might check for to get my old Starships Unlimited Divided Galaxies disk to work on Windows 10 64 bit?

I've tried using compatibility modes for xp sp3 & also win98. I've tried to initiate via the game disk directly and also via the installed .exe directly. Doesn't work.

It used to work with win7 mostly fine. Which is to say, the opening graphic on game startup didn't work, I used to just wait for the audio that accompanied the graphic to finish playing, and then just alt tab to the actual game, if it otherwise didn't populate itself on the screen. Once past that opening graphic/video issue, it played fine.

The install seems to work fine.

Now it doesn't even seem to start the opening graphic/video. I get that popup menu that gives the option to go the game menu. I choose to go to the game menu (still an on screen pop up menu, not the actual game starting) and choose the option to play the game, and nothing happens. After a while I might get a window asking me if I want to check for compatibility of "autoplay menu studio 4.0 runtime". But that's it. Nothing else.

Any suggestions appreciated.
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