Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Harpoon Ultimate Edition is the best and most comprehensive compilation of computer Harpoon games ever assembled! The two flagship products in the Harpoon line up, Advanced Naval Warfare and Commanders Edition come highly expanded and improved from their previous versions. More than twenty classic versions of Harpoon are also included! Harpoon - Ultimate Edition is the most powerful and complete modern naval warfare simulation on the market and a must have for any Harpoon fan!
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Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Post by MaximKI »

Hello everyone!

Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - Commander’s Edition has been updated to version 2022.027!

There are lot of bug fixes and new features so be sure to check the changelog below!

You can download the update from here or by going to My Page on the Matrix website, selecting File Downloads for Harpoon, and downloading the latest update.

2022.27 Changelog:

Staff Assistant:
• Added additional player dials to increase/decrease prompts to radiate.
DB Structure:
• Increased magazine limit per platform from 127 to 32,767.
• Increased countries limit from ~127 to 1023, country width from 16 to 32 characters.
• Increased to 255 Aircraft, Ship Types.
• Increased to 128 runway sizes, 32 characters each.

Scenario Editor:
• Show the same expanded set of loadout data the Game Engine (GE) shows.

Game Engine:
• More improvements to allowing 255 units per group, up from 127 (continued bug fixing).
• Air to Air refueling improvements splitting tankers to RTB when their range is less than refueled planes.
• Added RWR sensor model.
• Increased number of formation zones from 4 to 64 (6 available in UI), max formation radius from 255nm to 32767nm.
• Formation-keeping works better than ever
• Started adding UUIDs to game structures (unit, group, …) to be able to globally track them.
• Scenario and Saved game lineage added to be able to track the history of a scenario or saved game. Most useful for troubleshooting but also other benefits.
• Saved games now store the orders, previously the user would lose access to the orders when loading a saved game.
• Added setting to force the AI to stay on plotted paths or if they can run off on their own volition.
• Torpedo noise level logic that was making torpedoes way too quiet fixed. Too short torpedo acquisition range logic fixed.
• Expanded maximum groups possible from 676 Red & Blue total to move than 1,300 groups for each of those sides.
• Nuclear detonations game crash fixed and more accurate/thorough destruction of units as a result of the detonation(s).
• User can change speed & altitude/depth of some individual units in groups.
• Dialog window sizing and position improvements.
• Revamped victory condition evaluation. Also record more meta information for AARs, etc.
• ExportDLL interface expansion. Every non-UI aspect of the game can be overridden as a result. This has been utilized to great effect. Don Thomas in Australia has written add-ons to automate aerial refueling, most of submarine prosecution, AAR generation, and more.

• Tons of bug fixes.
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Re: Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Post by stolowski »

Woah! I didn't expect Harpoon to be still maintained, what a nice surprise! Many thanks for the update!
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Re: Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Post by JRyan »

I agree, saw the 2023 update and was happy.

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Re: Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Post by cbiferie »

Is it guaranteed to run on Win 10/11?
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Re: Larry Bond’s Harpoon Ultimate - CE Version 2022.027 is live!

Post by scottyd »

cbiferie wrote: Tue Apr 25, 2023 3:57 pm Is it guaranteed to run on Win 10/11?
I've run it for years on both and not had any issues.
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