Solo Game: British Involvement

This sequel to the award-winning Crown of Glory takes Napoleonic Grand Strategy to a whole new level. This represents a complete overhaul of the original release, including countless improvements and innovations ranging from detailed Naval combat and brigade-level Land combat to an improved AI, unit upgrades, a more detailed Strategic Map and a new simplified Economy option. More historical AND more fun than the original!

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Solo Game: British Involvement

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Do the Brits actually do any naval invasions? I have yet to see any invasions in my games as the Brits seem to just sit on their island and do nothing; well other than throwing money around. I get that they have a small army and that their role was to form coalitions but is the AI willing to even do any invasions?

I tried rally and it never worked.
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Re: Solo Game: British Involvement

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I have had games where the Brits invade open provinces with ports, then get away. Makes you keep corps close by.
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