Matrix Server Down Again

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Matrix Server Down Again

Post by canuckgamer »

Between the four of us we are playing three games of WP and WPP. None of us have been able to load our PBEM games since this morning so approximately 7 hours. The message "general error" appears.

I mentioned this before but it would be nice if we could play Matrix games by allowing us to send the move files to our opponents rather than going through their server as we have experienced this problem a number of times. My friend and I play Cold War by attaching the move file to our emails. Maybe this option can be added to WP2.
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Re: Matrix Server Down Again

Post by michaelCLARADY »

Having the same Problem.
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Re: Matrix Server Down Again

Post by AlvaroSousa »

Something was up over the weekend on the website I know that because I reported it.
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Re: Matrix Server Down Again

Post by ncc1701e »

I am under impression the PBEM server is having a problem once again. Or perhaps this is me???
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Re: Matrix Server Down Again

Post by sveint »

Works again
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