Yard oilers

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Yard oilers

Post by HMSDevonshire »

how do players use them , is it worth just keeping them in port all the time?
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Re: Yard oilers

Post by btd64 »

I used them for short distance fuel runs to forward bases....GP
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Re: Yard oilers

Post by Platoonist »

I keep a few in remote islands like Christmas, Canton, Pago-Pago and Midway as a floating backup fuel reserve.
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Re: Yard oilers

Post by RangerJoe »

They are useful at dot bases.
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Re: Yard oilers

Post by LargeSlowTarget »

Very useful to refuel PT boats at frontline bases.
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Re: Yard oilers

Post by Sardaukar »

LargeSlowTarget wrote: Thu Feb 02, 2023 5:30 am Very useful to refuel PT boats at frontline bases.
Unfortunately they are quite vulnerable for bombardments by air and naval kind.

To add, even vs. AI I have lost quite a few tenders in Port Moresby... 8-)
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