Sea movement

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Sea movement

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Maybe I found a bug with the sea movement.

With the game in which I got lucky and destroyed the British Navy, the British got naval reinforcements in London (playing a card) and I landed an army in London, crushed the British there, forced the British fleet to sea and destroyed it with the French fleet that was blockading the British Isles in the FRENCH channel.

Event though they had no ship left, the British made a 2 unit sea movement, as allowed by their 2 ships from the beginning of the French phase, but not allowed any more at the beginning of the British phase.

Is that intended, or is it a bug ?

By the way, the Gibraltar restriction is fairly annoying. The French can't attack it but the IA can shelter a huge stack there, immune to French attacks and waiting for an opportunity to get out and wreak havoc. It nails down a sizable French army in Andalucia or Western Spain.
If the French can't attack Gibraltar, maybe there should be a limit to the number of IA units allowed there. After all, there is no way that the early 19th century logistics could supply a 150k army there without starvation and attrition beacause of sanitary conditions, brawling, desertion and so on.
Or the French could be allowed to attack it with an automatic favorable terrain for 1 or 3 IA units (minor / major battle), as if a card had been played.

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Re: Sea movement

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The game calculates the transport limit for both players at the beginning of the turn. Therefore, losses accrued during the French player's turn won't affect this. Now, is this a bug? It's true that in "Hannibal" the Roman player's transport factors are calculated at the beginning of the Roman player's turn. But I decided not to do that with "Napoleon." I am OK with the rule as it is here.

As for Gibraltar, I do agree that the AI should not be able to pile up a huge army there. But I don't want to introduce any rules for the French player to attack Gibraltar. I'll look at implementing a version of your suggestion in a future release. Any large army must return to Great Britain rather than be allowed to move directly into Spain. Or perhaps there should simply be attrition at the end of the turn if the force is particularly large. I'll ask Glenn about this.
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