Has challenge improved with the updates?

Victory and Glory: Napoleon is a game of grand strategy and fast-play tactical battles where you take the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and attempt to dominate the entire continent of Europe.
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Has challenge improved with the updates?

Post by sIg3b »

I played the game a couple times in 2019. I liked the aesthetics as well as (much of) the gameplay and there was even a certain amount of historicity to it. But I found two problems, one general and one specific.

-In general, the game turned out far too easy, even on the highest difficulty level, and a win was near guaranteed with following a certain formula (see my AAR).

-In addition, there seemed to be a specific problem with the Allied AI, namely it never used certain cards, and I suspected it was not programmed to use them. IIrc, it never used Forced March, Strategic Movement and any tactical cards, such as the card that gives the defender a terrain advantage. Has that been adressed in the patches?
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Re: Has challenge improved with the updates?

Post by mercenarius »

Well, I don't know if the game will still be too easy for you, or not. I have considered putting a few restrictions on the Storms at Sea cards to make it harder to brush a particular British fleet aside. Overall, the new naval rules made it a little easier for the French player and it seems that you didn't need that help!

The AI should be using Forced March Cards under certain circumstances. It's programmed to do so. It does tend to save them for when it really needs them. Perhaps because you are (often?) succeeding in knocking Great Britain out of the war the AI doesn't use as many.

This is the first that I have heard about the AI not playing any battle cards. The Allies don't have the Strategic Move card, but they should use their battle cards. The logic is there. I will have to look at it this again and see.
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Re: Has challenge improved with the updates?

Post by lt1956_slith »

I think more difficulty settings is the best, instead of just an easy, hard etc. How about an options menu to remove and add bonuses. This way if one wants a card every turn, but not the nerfing of the recruitment and attack ratings for the AI they can click them.

I do not think the game is TOO easy, I feel you just got a good start and game. I have had some crappy games that the cards were trash. I would like to play a normal but with the option to select a card every turn.

Also an option to remove following the AI moves or speeding them up, it is too painfully slow to watch the AI especially if you don't have the time to waste watching the AI.
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