Ultra Wide HD Screen 3440x1440 Support?

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Ultra Wide HD Screen 3440x1440 Support?

Post by DarklordDB1 »

Is there any chance at all that there will be a native support for 3440x1440 in the not to distant future?

The reason I am asking is, because I have only just bought the TOTH game (just a few days ago) and I have a new UWHD AOC 34'' Curved Monitor.

Let me explain to you what my situation is regarding this game...if I try to load the game using the manufacturers recommed settings below,, it simply will not load up beyond the initial menu screen, so once I click play it fails to load up!
This happens when I have my Display Screen Resolution set to 3440x1440 with a Scale & Layout of 125% and a Refresh Rate 59.973 Hz, now that is the default recommended display settings for my AOC ultra wide-screen monitor.

The very reason that I have to use this very setting is to not only make the most of the full Wide-Screen capability of the monitor but also to ensure that the Text and the icons are a decent size for my eyes because my eyesight is not that good nowadays, so for me this is of paramount importance to ensure that I do not have to strain my eyes any more than I have too.

Now then, I have been able to load the game up in some of the other display screen resolutions that the game does support however, it would seem that some of them are not truly supported by the game itself because when I try to
fiddle and change the scale and layout of the text in some of those display resolutions the game simply fails to load up again! So I am back with the same issue because the bottom line is that I need to have a resolution that will show
the full length of my WS monitor and also to show it in a resolution and a decent aspect ratio that I am able to manipulate by tweaking the scale & layout to a larget percentage to ensure that I can see the text & unit icons within the game properly to avoid any eye strain.
I hope you understand the position that I am in now I that have fully explained the reasoning behind it all.

I have tried several settings but either, the screen size is okay but the text menu and icons are too small or vice versa and then even when I get a really decent combination match then the game simply won’t load up because the game does not seem to truly support some of those display resolutions mixed with a specific Scale & Layout to ensure that the Text & Icons are a decent size...so I am afraid that that is where we are, it might have helped if the game had supported some kind of in-game graphics menu options like, perhaps being able to make the units icons & text expandable via the actual mouse wheel to make everything larger and easier to visually see or have other options available to tweak them within the game itself, unfortunately for me this game has neither.
Please don't take this as a criticism because that is most certainly not the intention, far from it because I know how hard the developer and all of the TOTH community has worked to have brought this game to fruition and to make it what it is now and I am sure that there are many, many people out there that appreciate the pure dedication by Mr. Frisla over all those years! so indeed, he has to be absolutely commended for that.

The other reason for making support for 3440x1440 is to try to attract more younger people into the wargames strategy genre...many of the youngsters of today tend to have ultra wide screen monitors and I know for a fact that a decent percentage of them do like and play wargames especially many english speaking eastern europeans, I have found this out because I have actually worked with many of them after I retired from the British army.
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Re: Ultra Wide HD Screen 3440x1440 Support?

Post by Paullus »

Hi there,

I understand your wish of adding the resolution but unfortunately there will be no addition of new supported resolutions in the game. Peter had an unfortunate bad health issue a couple of years ago, he is recovering but won't/can't do any further development.

I hope you can find a nice resolution. I'm myself using 3440 x 1440 display setting the game to a workable resolution in windowed mode.

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