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Re: Counter Mods

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William the Silent wrote: Sat Jan 28, 2023 8:12 pm I am missing pink, purple and orange.
In different shades would be nice.
Just need numbers.

That would be great.

Note that you have to convert the hex code to decimal for use in the .col file.
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William the Silent
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Re: Counter Mods

Post by William the Silent »

Thanks very much for these links.
Since they give the Hexadecimal code of the colors, I can easily translate them to Decimal, with the "Hexadecimal to Decimal converter" from the same website.
Now I can basically make all colors.
The HTML Color Picker also helps.
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Re: Counter Mods

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Well, now you don't need my help.

There's a bit of artistry to it - I use this site to see the colors next to other colors to see what makes good aesthetic combinations and readability;

Enter a color # like the Pink's #ffc0cb - then see shades, tints, complementary, triadic, etc, colors.

Here's one of my weaker combos (the blue & black suck for readability... but it's the Soviet navel uniform colors...;
marine.png (255.02 KiB) Viewed 58 times
I convert the hexcolors to get a feel and keep records on a Google slide - that way you get a feel for how its all coming together;
soviets.png (62.7 KiB) Viewed 58 times

Ther calculator that comes with Windows has a color code converter.
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