Modifying Artillery

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Modifying Artillery

Post by mdsmall »

I raised this issue in the thread below on "basic questions" but since artillery is such a decisive feature of the game, I thought I would re-post my questions in a new thread, just on this topic.

As a general question, how is it possible in the Game Editor to link combat effectiveness to different levels of tech? For example, in the most recent patch, the max number of shells that artillery could have was linked to the Logistics Tech level of a country. And in a previous patch, the de-entrenchment effects of Ground Attack Weapons was raised from 0 to 1 per attack, once tech level 2 was achieved.

What I would like to do is reduce the de-entrenchment effects of artillery and to scale that with level of Artillery Weapons tech. My idea is test having artillery at 0 weapons tech cause 0.25 de-entrenchment per shell, rising to 0.5 de-entrenchment at level 1 tech in artillery weapons and 0.75 de-entrenchment at level 2.

Is this kind of modification possible in the Editor? And if so, how do I do it?
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RE: Modifying Artillery

Post by BillRunacre »

Yes, it is possible.

Go to Campaigns -> Edit Country Data -> Research -> Advanced -> Upgrades

Then either Upgrade Increments or Automatic Increments. I think you'll want to look at both in turn as both are involved.

As to de-entrenchment, it only has any impact in game when it is at a whole number, and the smallest increment is 0.5.
But you could certainly make it only reach 1 at level 2, this would require changing the Combat Target Statistics instead of the research area.
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