A Possible Glitch.

Eagle Day to Bombing of the Reich is a improved and enhanced edition of Talonsoft's older Battle of Britain and Bombing the Reich. This updated version represents the best simulation of the air war over Britain and the strategic bombing campaign over Europe that has ever been made.

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Glenn Beasley
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A Possible Glitch.

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I'm playing with the 06.79 update installed. When Using Rocket Equipped 110"s and 410"s against Allied Bomber Formations they don't fire their Rockets I'm not sure if this is a Glitch or it's WAD but my Units maybe are out of range or not meeting other Parameters Nessecery ?
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Re: A Possible Glitch.

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There is a fair bit of positioning by the defender planes to be able to fire off the rockets. If they are disrupted from combat or end up too close to the bombers they won't fire. Try changing your tactics for those A/C and see if that helps.

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