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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Chris21wen »

Chris21wen wrote: Mon May 02, 2022 7:15 am I'm hoping this is still moniored regularly as I have a problem with mining ships and Alt-Shift-A. It doesn't work. Searching tells me it should be Alt-Shift-M, the A being a typo, but this does not work either. In doth instances I'm using Alt-2 to set detination before using either command. Help appreciated.

Alt-M works well.

I've also just found Alt-U but not tried it yet.
Since found out that Alt-Shift-m does work but only if you select a base with Ait-2. I cannot get it to work if you select a planet.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Noyyau »

Yes unfortunately that's something I can confirm, you can't order a mining ship to deliver directly to a planet.
However a super cheap barebones base over a planet (1 cheap reactor, 1dock, etc) is a valid target and can be built reasonably quickly even by a new colony. Maybe also send a freighter with some resources to the new colony , that'll help too.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Quaralwren »

Recent owner of distant worlds here. Just fyi, the bacon mod's exe now has over 20 malware detections when uploaded to virustotal. Thankfully, bitdefender seems to still have it whitelisted but I was curious what changes to the exe could be terrifying antiviruses so much.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by ScrewThisDude58901 »

It seems that I cant download the latest version man, it says that "This item might not exist or is no longer available" and "Error (404)" in Onedrive and Dropbox. If you don't mind, could you please update them? thanks a lot! BTW awesome mod.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by itzrabiid »

Hey, first off i want to say i love this mod, really enhances my expereince.

Both links are currently down as the previous comment said, so when you get a chance could you please reupload it?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Ruddles »

tried downloading the mod from the drop box the Update 2020-10-13 as the 2021 does not work all i get is a zip file im not sure of what to do i tried adding to my tech tree but it kept fusing with other text the manuals to mod really needs diagrams of what each number does
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Retreat1970 »

Attached is the last baconmod I have.

Please don't complain about virus detection as this is a known issue. I run it as do many others, but it's up to you.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by BlindOne »

Retreat1970 wrote: Sat Aug 06, 2022 9:48 pm Attached is the last baconmod I have.
Oh heavens be praised brother, thank you so much. :mrgreen:


Hmm strange, I get a failed network error ... noooooooooo ... is it the same for everyone else? Otherwise it may be my overkill internet security from a certain corporation I uhhh got totally legitimately that is blocking it lol :D


Nvm, what ya got to do is go into windows defender and have the file be restored manually, otherwise windows will keep erasing it lol.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Veso80 »


I have a screen scaling problem with bacon mod only. I have 4k monitor and in my vanilla version with many mods in it (but not bacon mod) I learned a solution which worked perfectly. So in dw universe.exe clicking right mouse button, properties, change dpi-settings and down at the bottom ticking the box to override high dpi-settings and also changing scroll-down menu to system and extended. Then it works absolutely fine with my 4k monitor scaled correctly and so on. In bacon mod after installing it + das chrome and retreat mods the dw universe.exe does not let me change that dpi-setting anymore. It is greyed out!?! Have someone experienced this and made it work? The bacon mod works but scaling is problem.

I can always force my monitor into 1080p and play that way, but it's little annoying. I have dw 2in my library also, but I'd like to try bacon mod also before moving to dw2
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by Latisrof »

Still having the same problem where Dhayuts sulken boskara and gizureans are creating ships with different png models.
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Re: Bacon Mod

Post by AnddyiRaynor »

Is there anyway to reset the bacon exe looking for an internet connection? Somehow I got a popup from it and it mentioned something about internet connection and looked very old and I clicked X(without looking which is stupid) now the bacon mod does not work. The original game does continue to work without it but it just gives an error if I try to run any bacon mod exe. I've no idea where such a setting would be saved on the computer. I doubt anything but a full reinstall of the computer would fix it, other than some possible solution? :P :oops:

Edit: I was playing the bacon mod just fine and one day when I loaded that weird connection popup came up and should have nothing to do with a anti virus, as it worked just fine and that folder is excluded from it and worked fine for months.
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