Distant Worlds Universe Crashes

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Distant Worlds Universe Crashes

Post by wludwig1962 »

I recently purchased and installed Distant Worlds Universe via Steam. On my laptop, the game attempts to start and then crashes. I see where it is trying to create a couple of the smaller windows/buttons from the beginning of the game. I have followed the troubleshooting posted to the Steam site. No luck. On my computer at home (similarly configured machine), I installed DX9 and it started fine first try. Below is the configuration for each machine.
Intel I7-11800H@2.30GHZ
NVIDA GeForce RTX 3070 (GPU)/Intel UHD Graphics
Windows 10

AMD Ryzen 5600
MSI 3060 TI (GPU)
16 GB Ram
Windows 10
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Re: Distant Worlds Universe Crashes

Post by rjord2021 »

In the folder for Distant Worlds Universe, edit the file Startup.ini

Go to the last line and change it to
playmovie 0
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Re: Distant Worlds Universe Crashes

Post by claymore58 »

Confirmed that this fix works. Thank you.
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