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Modding Units

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What if any negative consequences can come from modding the units? For example, can I mod the panzer units to add more troops/tanks, etc, or infantry to have more men, AT, artillery?

I did play around with adding more troops/AT and artillery to infantry units, but then notice what seems to be a reduction in AP points when attacking.

Any thoughts?

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RE: Modding Units

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Hi bdiamond,

I made a video on how to mod units which covers all of the above.

It's on the VR website although I'm not sure where as things have been reorganised somewhat.

Perhaps Vic can chime in and point you in the right direction.

[Edit] Nope, found it here...

Modding DC3 units

Nicolas II
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RE: Modding Units

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Thanks for informations, very interresting
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Re: Modding Units

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I'm trying to get back to this excellent game but I want to mod some units. At the VIC's page the video of modding units is not valid any more. Is it possible to get hold of that video with instructions to mod units again somewhere.


Captain Jack
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