Blocking Soviet forces in the marsh

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Blocking Soviet forces in the marsh

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I'm having trouble preventing Soviet units moving through the big marsh area east of Brest-Litowsk. I've looked at the forum posts on this subject, notably this one: ... ?p=3866220

The idea of having a "picket line" of infantry divisions across the marsh seems like a good one but not so easy to do. The problem is in the AGS sector.

I've got the 6th Army distributed across the area of the marsh in the AGS sector. What I find is that many of these units have difficulty getting resupplied. The problem is not so acute in the AGC sector because of the railway line to Gomel which runs through the marsh in that sector.

The supply overlay shows the problem hexes in the centre of the marsh in the south.Image

Is there any way to keep units supplied in the middle of the marsh? Otherwise a hole in my line in the AGS sector seems unavoidable. What am I missing?
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