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Text Bug

Post by lupi »

Just started a campaign game and playing the Case White scenario. As the Germans I used a VII corp card on the 27th division. In the text pop-up, it was announced that the corp commander had improved the 24th division. Checking the counters after, the effect was applied to the 27th division units. As there is a 24th division, I also checked there and they were unmodified.
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Re: Text Bug

Post by Catch21 »

Also in Case White and since it's also a text bug, in the BRIEF tab under Victory and VICTORY CONDITIONS it says: "There is a total of 58 VP (victory points) on the map." but under the S.MAP tab for REGIME it counts 40 for Poland and 19 for Germany, total 59.

Checking the map using towns in S.MAP and manually counting it also gives 59. So BRIEF Victory Conditions should be changed to 59?
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