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Game Manual - they got better

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Going through my first play through of DC, playing zee Germans in Case White. Massively well designed and fun game, albeit one with a manual that can most kindly be described as “an after-thought.”

However, if you get a chance to see the game manual for the latest offering in this series, the DC Ardennes game, THAT manual is the pinnacle for how one should be done.

I’m an old gamer from the cardboard era, and think the PC war games a huge leap higher — except the manuals for all the PC-based games I’ve bought over the years are always a far cry from those that came with the table top games. In all my years now buying PC-based games, even showing something as simple as what all the symbols on the counters mean seems to be a bridge too far for those who write the manuals. Except in the DC Ardennes game manual.

So for anyone suffering through the manual for DC Warsaw, take heart — these guys got WAY better at it.
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