Combat Mission Black Sea - Update v02.18.00

Combat Mission Black Sea is a military grade simulation depicting a fictional series of escalations between Russian and Ukraine which results in open conflict in the summer of 2017
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Combat Mission Black Sea - Update v02.18.00

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We are proud to announce the release of pbem+++ and tournament support for Combat Mission: Black Sea.

You can download the update here

You will soon be able to participate in official tournaments and play multiplayer matches to test your skills against other players.

Here is the changelog:

• ADDED: Matrix/Slitherine PBEM++ and Tournament feature
• Corrected a problem with T-90 frontal armor
• FIXED: Multi-team HQ units block out UI information at end-of-game
• FIXED: AI gets confused with two targets and enters a cycle of turning the turret back and forth and never choosing a target

We are excited to offer these new features to the dedicated community of Combat Mission players. Thanks for your patience and have fun.
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