Close Combat TBF Update 1.1.8-1.1.10

3D version of Close Combat
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Close Combat TBF Update 1.1.8-1.1.10

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The backlog in updates has now been cleared with three released at once -- 1.1.8 (previous available on Steam as a beta update), 1.1.9, and 1.1.10:

Version 1.1.10
• Multiplayer: Fixed case where multi-player host could run ahead of client after multiple battles have been played.
• Co-op Multiplayer: Both players can now correctly transition to Debrief if host chooses to ‘End Operation’ on the Planning Screen.
• Co-op Multiplayer: Fixed client hang exiting Debrief Screen if client player has lost all main force units but host player still has one or more main force units.

Version 1.1.9
• Changing language settings no longer causes the mod selection UI to display.
• Game now pauses automatically when you bring up the system menu during battle and resumes when you close the system menu.
• ‘Extra Ammo’ upgrade can now be assigned correctly.
• Shift+9 / Shift+0 passable/impassable terrain overlay now shows only in the Map Editor.

Version 1.1.8
• Fire order shot difficulty warning icons have been revised to be clearer and more visually distinct.
• The graphical line showing the selected unit's Fire order is now shown in the same manner as the LOS line you get when giving a fire order (clear/obscured/blocked.)
• Shot difficulty warning icons are now shown over the target when the selected unit has a Fire order.
• The cursor position no longer snaps to the center of the unit under the mouse if that unit is friendly, or if you are giving a movement, Smoke, Ambush, or Defend order.
• Unit Defend and Ambush arcs will only be activated by a mouse click if the mouse is not over a soldier, vehicle, or unit icon.
• US 60mm mortar ammunition basis increased to 30 rounds (from 24.)
• MODDING: Mod weapon sounds now play correctly.
• MODDING: Vehicle crew icon indexes moved to nations.txt.
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Re: Close Combat TBF Update 1.1.8-1.1.10

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thank you!
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Re: Close Combat TBF Update 1.1.8-1.1.10

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Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
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