Campaign Series: Middle East v2.31.00 Public Beta Now Available

The Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is a new turn-based, tactical wargame that focuses on conflicts in the Middle East.

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Campaign Series: Middle East v2.31.00 Public Beta Now Available

Post by MaximKI »

Hello everyone,

Please try this new beta and let us know if it helps your game. This installer should address some of the issues with the previous version of the public beta installer we announced last week.

You can download the Matrix installer HERE or by going to the File Downloads section for Campaign Series: Vietnam in the My Page part of the Matrix store website.

Changes in 2.31.00 (June 26th, 2024):

• No errata for 2.31

• Implemented a message to display a confirmation of the changed Action Speed.
• Objectives no display or obscure their values based on whether Enhanced Fog of War optional rule is selected.
• Changed Double Value objectives to display the controlling side and award the vale to the side controlling it when the scenario ends.
• Changed turn-by-turn Single value objective to be cumulative.
• Added hex side slopes to 2D maps when elevation changes.

• Fixed a bug where Side B was not able to see Single Value Objective values.
• Fixed issues with entering and exiting a Pontoon Bridge hex (introduced in 1.30/2.30).
• Assaulting a hex now reveals any possible unrevealed fortifications in place.
• Loaded rafts can now move into shallow water and onto land and unload their passengers at either location (introduced in 1.30/2.30).
• Removed Play Campaign button from the front end as the Linked Campaigns are no longer supported from Middle East 2.30 (potential to be returned in the future).
• Fixed a situation

• Added slope graphics.
• Revised aircraft graphics (thank you, Kevin!).
• Added new scenario header graphics for new scenarios.

• Minor Platoon file updates various nations.
• Minor Weapon file updates.

• Sirte 1985 scenario descriptions now come with correct [PLAY MODE] information.
• Revised several additional Lua file errors.
• Revised several additional map file errors.

• MausMan 3D mod has had major work done to it and is included.

• The manual has been revised to the 2.31 UPDATE.
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Re: Campaign Series: Middle East v2.31.00 Public Beta Now Available

Post by Crossroads »

Thanks, Max!

For everyone who installed the previous Public 2.31 Beta, please follow these steps:
  • Back up your game save files to another folder.
  • Uninstall the game.
  • Remove any leftover files or folders.
  • Perform a fresh install of the new beta.
We appreciate your feedback and support during testing!

Thank you!
Visit us at: Campaign Series Legion
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CS: Middle East 1948-1985 < v2.31 Public Beta Available Now (June 28th, 2024)
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