The Campaign Series: Middle East 1948-1985 is a new turn-based, tactical wargame that focuses on conflicts in the Middle East.

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Re: RE: Wishlist

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Jason Petho wrote: Sat Feb 13, 2021 2:04 pm
Hi, is there a way to see for an hex what are on the hexsides ?

Good day

Not yet, but it will be available in CSME 3.0
In CSVietnam, you can call up a highlight of all the hex border modifier values... which helps determine what's going on with those. But in CSME I don't think that was available yet?

Both games are so interchangeable but they do have some differences.
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Re: Wishlist

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All the features found in CS Vietnam will be the same when we release CS Middle East 3.00 at the end of the year.

All the improvements will be imported into it then. Stay tuned for goodness!
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Re: Wishlist

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Hi all,

with update 2.10/2.30 on the horizon, my humble wish list may already be out of date:

- please add OT-64 SKOT, Chinese Type 62 light tank and Type 63 APC to the OOB of both generic factions
- jungle etc. in the map editor

I really appreciate your efforts to keep this old classic up and running.....better than ever.

I think, I'm enjoying the "Recon Reveal" function the most.
Finally, recon units are able to do what they are supposed to do:
spotting enemy units other than by drawing op fire, which usually led to their destruction.

In the meantime I'm eagerly waiting on the African Bush Wars DLC. ;)
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