[FIXED] Repeated Fuel State Warnings

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[FIXED] Repeated Fuel State Warnings

Post by Quark73 »

When generating a long range attack flightplan e.g. Wooden Leg scenario. CMO raises a warning on almost every second click.
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1. Enter and run scenario Wooden Leg
2. Mark PLO Base, Add new Mission Land attack / assign Standoff Loadout F-15
3. create / update flight plan and go to flight plan editor
4. click on way point 3: 1st warning
5. click insert way point - click on way point type selector: 2nd warning
6. change way point 4 to Refuel - go to map window and drag way point into refuelling area: warning 3
7. additional warnings come up every time you move that or any way point or on any click on the waypoint type selector even if over 4000 kg rest fuel are calculated.
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Re: Repeated Fuel State Warnings

Post by Deserere »

Hi Quark73,
the issue is now fixed, the error message will be displayed only when the selected flight is changing or when the window is about to be closed and it will give you a choice to leave the flighplan like that or to go back and change it.
In every case, if a refuel point is added to the flightplan this check is disabled.
Thanks for highlighting this issue. The fix will be included in the next update release
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Re: [FIXED] Repeated Fuel State Warnings

Post by Quark73 »

Affirmative Sir!

But is intended that there is now no plausibility check at all for remaining fuel or collision with Bingo Fuel doctrines?
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