Making T1 pockets as Germany

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Making T1 pockets as Germany

Post by PlankOwner1219 »

When creating pockets, particularly the AGC pocket west of Minsk, how do you prevent the Soviet units from performing a Chris Angel disappearing act when routed ? I had a pathway of no less than 5 squares across for the southern border and the northern one was even bigger. Yet when I start trying to push the units back, many of them become routed and jump across these barriers to the safety of their own lines. I had played one game so far, months ago, where the front line units retreated back into the pocket, allowing me to gobble them up on T2, but sadly, I can't seem to recreate that scenario. I thank anyone who takes the time to respond to this.
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Re: Making T1 pockets as Germany

Post by Hardradi »

If you work through this AAR by carlkay58 it will give you a better understanding of the turn 1 routing mechanics: ... 2&t=368560
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Re: Making T1 pockets as Germany

Post by AlbertN »

Yes - that AAR of Carlkay helped me loads when I was moving my first baby step.

To also read and understand (and remember!) the retreat and rout priorities is important - something I am quite bad at in fact!

Ultimately T1 is a matter of method, and very often when 1 unit routs out of the pocket, it is a signal that you may be out of places -in the pocket- where units rout.
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Re: Making T1 pockets as Germany

Post by mhgasa »

Just adding my 2 cents. Understanding basic ZoC rules will get you a long way as a new player vs ai when forming T1 pockets. It was easier for me than trying to replicate and understand some of the more optimized T1 pocket rutines in the AAR forum.
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