Does the Caucasus oils matter at all?

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Re: Does the Caucasus oils matter at all?

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AlbertN wrote: Fri Dec 01, 2023 2:25 pm I believe Dark Horse mismatched author of posts, since DarkHorde and Wirdrock are supporting the same thesis, while a third person is suggesting Freight converts into say, Fuel, out of thin air without Fuel being in the relevant Pool.
No, this must be something serious.
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Re: Does the Caucasus oils matter at all?

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I completely forgot about the scenario production modifiers used by WiTE2. These are not explicitly evident in the production views and are somewhat obfuscated. (yeah, I know they are also listed in the 1300+ pages of game manuals somewhere as well...)

But to be fair, I feel I need to mention that all of my previous production examples and conclusions were based off of the 1941 outputs, using the 1941 production modifiers. There is the potential they could be incorrect given a different production year.

That would not disappoint me at all. ;)

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