Air Defence Lemmings

Flashpoint Campaigns Southern Storm is a grand tactical wargame set at the height of the Cold War, with the action centered on the year 1989.

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Air Defence Lemmings

Post by PeterStep »

Noticed this a few times but most recently in the closing stages of Finale as US, Soviet AD units keep on coming even when their principals have been annihilated. Easy meat for target practice but realism of support units carrying the fight might need a tweak. Looks like morale through readiness is addressed at individual sub unit level but can’t see a tipping point for a whole unit when attrition reaches a certain level. Anyone else seen this?
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Re: Air Defence Lemmings

Post by CapnDarwin »

Is being worked. Should be better in the next updates as we take care of corner cases in the logic.
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Re: Air Defence Lemmings

Post by cbelva »

Not to take away from what Jim said, this has been an issue since Red Storm days. It is hands down better in Southern Storm but not perfect and we continue to work on it. Getting individual units within a formation to act according to their roles is, and I suspect will be, an ongoing process for some time as we seek to improve.

PS--I like the title to this thread. :D
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