Searching for help re Scenerio editor.

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Searching for help re Scenerio editor.

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I am Searching for help re Scenerio editor within this forum ...- yes I know it's in the manual, but need more help.
Have found none in this entire forum. Perhaps " scenario editor " are not the right search terms? I would like to modify the "Bulge" scenario and add some colors to the NATO icon insets.
Anyone out there that can help a noob out?
BTW I have been playing Op Art type games since the olden days ( 1970's {!} ) before PC's.
Still love to play, evev without leaning over the four foot by eight foot maps with all my friends
arguing over the rules. So help an old man to find his way back to his oldest, and most loyal love.
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Re: Searching for help re Scenerio editor.

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You are posting in the FAQ of the General section of a very large forum, covering several games. What game are you talking about here? It would be best to post in that forums section.
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