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Please post any issues you are having with the site or suggestions for improvements here.
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Re: Site & Forum Feedback

Post by sPzAbt653 »

If you hover your mouse over the 'red or gray page' icon at the start of the message a blue bar at the bottom of your screen shows the post #.
This is all I see when the mouse is hovered over the little grey page icon [which I think is a ridiculous thing to be expected to do]. A tiny pop-up that says 'post', and the thread link string at the bottom.

We need the Post # displayed where it can be seen, not thru some secret hocus-pocus. It's simple customer service. Why 'new' versions of things are ALWAYS predictably worse than the prior version should be an EXTREME embarrassment to those responsible for their poor designs and further for their lack of ability to correct things in a timely fashion.
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Re: Site & Forum Feedback

Post by Stamb »

I still get notifications when person whom i added to a block list quotes me.
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Re: Site & Forum Feedback

Post by StormingKiwi »

This is a weird order of threads
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By default, these should be sorted as most recent Last Post at the top, and the oldest at the bottom.

The thread: "Fleet Attack Issues - Low Value Targets, Superfluous Assignment" with the last post on 6th February at midday should be more recent than the thread with last post on 5th February and thread with the last post at 2023/02/06 01:45.

This displays weirdly on both my phone and my computer browser, user logged-in and out.
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Re: Site & Forum Feedback

Post by ncc1701e »

There is no more the Matrix Hero, Matrix Legion of Merit things. It was funny to have but a new classification is perhaps needed.


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