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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by ClaudeJ »

BBfanboy wrote: Wed May 25, 2022 3:27 pm You have a dot between the tu and the be. Is that a correct link you tried?
Yes mate, that's how YouTube shortens its URLs.
Same URL as a link :

Would you have an example of the YouTube tags actually working?
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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by Silajay »

Thank you, This is the problem that I need to fix
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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by tyronec »

How do I change the screen back to wide ?
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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by BBfanboy »

Go to the second blue bar from the top, click on your user name, choose User Control Panel, choose Board Preferences and choose Matrix-wide.
Even with that, I used the CTRL-mouse wheel to zoom the forum width to full screen (minus the Windows bar I keep on the right side).
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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by Denniss »

Denniss wrote: Fri May 20, 2022 11:26 am Just a reminder, GG WitW Forum still has an invalid link/redirect to buy it ... hp?f=10555
2 valid buy links, one invalid, just the 2 valid ones are required
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Re: New Forum Tips and Issues

Post by ernieschwitz »

Same is true for the Advanced Tactics Gold forum.

The place it redirects to the Community website no longer exists, because the developer changed website.

The place to buy the game, gets a 404 error from Matrix store.
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